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Nip + Fab Skincare

Looking for efficacious skincare that can give you smooth and clear skin to confidently go out bare-faced with your BFFs? Find solace in Nip and Fab and take advantage of their exfoliating facial treatments in a bottle. Nip and Fab salicylic acids and retinol have become lauded names in the skincare space for gals looking for gleam-giving, skin-clarifying products that will become a must-have on your bathroom counter. Explore the range at Glam Raider to give yourself an at-home facial treatment for an extra touch of self-care after a tough day.

Nip your imperfections in the bud with the best Nip and Fab products

Launched over 10 years ago to give skin-loving Aussie babes high-performance, high-quality formulations at an unbeatable price, they ride the line between high percentage active blends and premium formulations that minimise irritations. Nip and Fab retinol and exfoliating acids have become skincare heroes you can rely on to help you manage your overarching concerns. Whether you’re trying to address textured skin, uneven tone, breakouts and blemishes or fine lines and wrinkles, Glam Raider has just the product for you.

Explore our full collection and find a vast selection of products to help you build out a complete beauty regime. Each product in the range is led by a hero active ingredient to allow you to wash, treat and moisturise your face with products that deliver lasting results and supple skin you’ll want to show off. Within our collection of Nip and Fab products, you will find various lines to target your skin concerns:

  • Vitamin C Fix — Start your routine with the Nip and Fab cleanser and layer with the serum for a restorative infusion of antioxidants. You can experience brighter-looking, youthful skin while guarding against free radicals and environmental stresses that cause premature signs of ageing. 
  • Glycolic Fix — A star among the lineup and your go-to before a major event, these products will break the bonds of dead skin cells and smooth out textured skin so you can find peace in your skin’s appearance and enjoy an easier makeup application.
  • Retinol Fix — A youth-restoring and skin-enhancing line, Nip and Fab retinol products will speed up your skin cell regeneration to reveal younger layers of the dermis that minimise the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing.
  • Teen Skin — As your children grow older and change, as does their skin. With increased sebum production and oil, your teens can face acne breakouts and blackheads. Infused with zinc, niacinamide and wasabi extract, the Nip and Fab moisturiser will help manage excess oil production, seal in moisture and help keep breakouts at bay. 
  • Salicylic Fix — Gently formulated to unclog pores and exfoliate from deeper layers without drying out your skin, there’s a reason why few products can compare with the Nip and Fab salicylic acid.

Shop the best products Nip and Fab has to offer at Glam Raider

When you’re dealing with troublesome skin or need easy-to-use products for simple skin maintenance, Nip + Fab has you covered. Glam Raider stocks an extensive collection of Nip and Fab cleansers, retinol, moisturisers and serums to help nourish and care for your face, neck and decollete. Don’t try to wait out problem skin; shop our range today to make it your new best feature. 


Is Nip + Fab cruelty-free?

Nip and Fab maintains a long history of cruelty-free practices. They don’t test on animals and carry consistent checks over manufacturers, suppliers and third parties to ensure the whole supply chain is committed to developing high-performance skincare that is good for skin and the environment. 

Is Nip Fab good for sensitive skin?

Nip and Fab salicylic acids and retinol products can irritate sensitive skin, or if you don’t follow the instructions as directed — but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out, either. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest sticking to our mild Nip + Fab Fix products and leaving the Extreme selection to those who can handle the extra power.

Is Nip + Fab good for acne?

They aren’t just good — they’re great. When you combine a Nip and Fab cleanser with a Nip + Fab salicylic acid, you can loosen the bonds of dead skin cells to powerfully exfoliate and remove excess sebum, dirt and other debris from clogging your pores. On alternating days, layer a Nip and Fab retinol to increase the turnover of skin cells and enjoy clean, supple and clear skin every day.