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Danessa Myricks Beauty

Run, don’t walk. From viral TikTok clips to products your MUA’s makeup artist is experimenting with, reimagine your signature look with Danessa Myricks Beauty. With innovative, versatile formulations that can be used across various applications, your artistry knows no bounds to add detail and definition — giving a wash of colour or hiding pores and imperfections with the famous blurring balm.

Whether you're crafting a natural look or going full glam, Danessa Myricks Beauty is your ticket to fab. This range is a playground for anyone who loves to experiment with their look. Keep it low-key chic or turn heads with sultry shades — whatever your makeup mood, Danessa Myricks Beauty has got your back.

Danessa Myricks Beauty makeup — your go-to for daring looks

Myricks started as a self-taught makeup artist who discovered new, unorthodox uses for her products, allowing her to achieve different results. Later responsible for developing products for other brands enabled her to make a name for herself that pushed industry norms. Danessa Myricks Beauty is the anti-label label, designed to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender, race or age — letting your personal expression take centre stage.

From the lauded Danessa Myricks Beauty ColorFix to the Danessa Myricks Beauty Dewy Wet Balm and beauty oils, our versatile collection allows you to apply them anywhere on your face to create endless looks that impress. Whether you want to confine rosy hues to your lips or sweep loud pigments and detailing from your eyelids to your temples and lower lash line, you can easily define, contour and beat your face to perfection.

Get the look you want with Danessa Myricks Beauty makeup at Glam Raider

Glam Raider is the best place to shop the TikTok famous Yummy Skin Blurring Balm in Australia. For a makeup product that acts like skincare, the texture-reducing, coverage-boosting blurring balm balances sebum and oils throughout the day while maintaining hydration. The ground-breaking formula is powered by Swedish super ingredient, Upsalite. Its cutting-edge technology glides on like a balm but sets like a powder for a natural, clean glow.

At Glam Raider, you will find a range of shades to suit fair, olive to dark skin — no matter whether you’re looking to illuminate your skin with the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm in powder 1, add warmer tones with powder 3, or colour match darker skin with powders 9 and 10. Regardless of your complexion — be it dry, combination or oily — this sell-out product will hide the look of pores and even skin tone for a long-lasting, shine-free finish.

Whether you’re trying to refresh your signature look, add colour for dramatic nights out or apply finishes to rival a drag queen, achieve your best look by exploring our complete range.

  • ColorFix — The Danessa Myricks Beauty ColorFix will bring the drama. Leave ordinary looks behind and paint your face with pigmented colours for dazzling eye and cheek looks. Finish off the look with volumising mascara and you’re all set. 
  • Chrome flakes — Iridescent, high shimmering and hyper-coloured, our chrome flakes will inspire a sense of energy in your looks. Select one or layer together for extra flair.
  • Foundation — Even out your skin tone and create the perfect canvas to paint your next masterpiece with a range of light to dark serum foundations.
  • Eye, cheek and lip palettes — Fantastic to add a light wash of colour or mix for a natural gradient, our palettes for eyes, lips, and cheek will give your skin a youthful glow.
  • Beauty oil — Designed to be worn alone or mixed into your foundation, the Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil will add a luminous golden wash over your skin for a sunkissed look.
  • Contour — Contour for the Gods and those in the back! Our Danessa Myricks Beauty Balm Contour will add shadows and definition to sculpt and define your facial features.


What products does Danessa Myricks Beauty offer?

Danessa Myricks cosmetic products include the innovative Danessa Myricks balm powder, high-quality foundation, pigmented blush products, stunning Danessa Myricks Beauty eye makeup and more.

Are Danessa Myricks Beauty products cruelty-free?

Yes, Danessa Myricks Beauty is committed to cruelty-free practices. Their products are not tested on animals, aligning with ethical standards in beauty product manufacturing.

Where can I purchase Danessa Myricks Beauty products?

Right here at Glam Raider! We are your go-to destination for the latest and most innovative beauty brands, such as Danessa Myricks Beauty.

Is Danessa Myricks Beauty inclusive in terms of shade range?

Absolutely! This brand is renowned for its inclusive shade range, especially with the Danessa Myricks Beauty foundation products. The brand caters to a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ensuring everyone can find their perfect match.

What makes Danessa Myricks Beauty products unique?

What sets Danessa Myricks Beauty products apart is their dedication to multifunctionality and innovation. Their balm powder, for instance, isn’t just great for giving your cheeks a rosy glow and adding a kissable tint to your pout; its balm-to-powder formula also delivers a sleek finish by smoothing out pores and fine lines.

The brand champions the art of creative freedom, allowing users to explore and express themselves in diverse ways. Each product is designed not just to beautify but to inspire, catering to the needs of professional makeup artists while remaining accessible for makeup enthusiasts. This combination of professional-grade quality with user-friendly appeal makes Danessa Myricks Beauty a standout in the world of cosmetics.

Do Danessa Myricks Beauty products cater to professional makeup artists?

Yes, Danessa Myricks Beauty products are highly favoured by professional makeup artists for their quality, versatility and innovation. And, even makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels rave about these products!