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I Heart Revolution

Famous for its quirky packaging, innovative formulations and festive, potent colours, I Heart Revolution lets you put your personality on show through incredible makeup looks. Whether you’re a little wacky, like to experiment with bright pops of colour or keep it subdued and neutral, it’s designed to be inclusive and shine an extra AF light on your individuality. For the best range of I Heart Revolution in Australia, check out the collection at Glam Raider and make makeup fun again!

We think people take makeup too seriously — it’s not all heavy contours, brooding eyes and dark red lips to make a Disney villain scream in delight. I Heart Revolution is here to break through the black and white and bring dazzling colours and refracting shimmers to make your dreams big. With mascara wands on the pulse of the latest makeup trends, you’ll never miss a fashion moment with I Heart Revolution lipsticks, bronzers and chocolate palettes in your makeup collection.


Create your own fantasy with I Heart Revolution cosmetics

You can get the glow-up you've been searching for with an expansive and growing collection of products that help set the trends. From contouring and sculpting your face with the I Heart Revolution bronzer to effortless blending with our I Heart Revolution brush sets and creating a sultry smokey eye with the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palette, you can build a complete makeup collection to stock up your repertoire. With everything you need to add colour and definition for everyday and statement looks, I Heart Revolution delivers what you need for unbelievable yet achievable beauty.

With competitive, affordable prices that don't discount quality, you can enjoy a smooth makeup application that delivers rich, vibrant colours and a stronghold that will last you through nights out without touchups. Whether blending in powder, bringing the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palette down to your lids or creating a kissable pout with a sticky and sweet lip gloss, you can mix up your looks with our range.

Experiment with colour and discover your personality

Looking for exciting makeup that captures your inner child? With an ever-changing collection featuring updated palettes and the latest collabs, shop the range today — blink, and you’ll miss it. From the bright pastels of the Shrek and Looney Tunes collection to the ethereal watercolour finishes of the I Heart Revolution Disney collaboration, you can find everything you need to add a fresh wash of colour to your face. With a heavy roster of rotating collaborations, you can stay ahead of the trends and take inspiration from your favourite personalities and pop culture figures.

With makeup styled like food and others that borrow references from their collabs, you can find a lustrous range of cosmetics you will lovingly want to collect and display. Whether it’s an I Heart Revolution brush set styled after a popular character from TV or the I Heart Revolution chocolate palette that will capture your heart, you can lose yourself in their whimsical designs between each step in your makeup routine.

Shop the best range of I Heart Revolution cosmetics at Glam Raider

Ready to leave your mark? With smooth formulations to pull off the latest makeup trends, give them a look they will want to copy with our selection of I Heart Revolution makeup. With an expansive range of products for your eyes, lips and face, you can experiment with your aesthetic and evolve your looks to keep people guessing. Explore the range today to sculpt your face to perfection.


Is I Heart Revolution cruelty-free?

Making ethical and responsible choices shouldn’t cost animals their welfare, health or life. I Heart Revolution is cruelty-free and does not test its products and ingredients on animals — so you can continue to enjoy dazzling makeup products that fit your aesthetic and ethical lifestyle choices.

Does I Heart Revolution test on animals?

No, I Heart Revolution lipsticks, bronzers, and other makeup products feature lab-created, high-quality formulations that do not rely on animals to suffer. Whether you want to try on a gleaming lip gloss or a shimmered eyeshadow palette, you can do so confidently while caring for your skin and the protection of our furry friends.

Is I Heart Revolution vegan?

A large number of I heart Revolution products are vegan, but some are not. Kindly review the product page to easily identify whether the item you’re interested in is vegan or not — chances are, it is!